Upcoming events:
Friday, October 22, 2010, 3:30-5. "A Bird's Eye View" presentation at the 2010 International Wildlife Rehabilitator Council Symposium in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Saturday, October 23, 2010, 11-1, . "Forester's Log" book signing at the 2010 International Wildlife Rehabilitator Council Symposium in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Saturday, October 31, 2010, tba. "Logs and Blogs" - presentation at the 2010 National SAF Convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
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Events Review
October 30, 2010, 9:15 a.m. Presentation at the 2010 National Society of American Foresters technical session on "Human Dimensions". Prior to my 30 minutes of fame, Nora had an awesome quick tutorial on websites...after my talk, Tamberly had an amazing presentation on outreach activities to underserved populations in Texas...and I was truly honored to talk about column writing in between. Not only that, it's been a huge honor to be involved in "hosting" this year's convention of my colleagues.
October 23, 2010, 11-2. Book signing in Albquerque at the national meeting for International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council. Real exciting to sell out of the books I brought. I love being around this dedicated group of folks, and hanging out with other authors, Jean-Luc Cartron, Raptors of New Mexico and Chris Birds of a Feather.
Augut 19, 2010. Book Signing 5 p.m.; potluck 6 p.m.; program 7 p.m. Show Low Historical Society.  Show Low Museum. This place is awesome! Twelve packed rooms of history, including a "Rodeo-Chediski" Fire room curated by Sue Sisson. Melanie, Betty, Sue, Carol, and a huge gang of Whipples, Pearces, and other Show Low legacy families (that picture there are my parents, those are my grandparents...then another woman apologizes that she only moved to town in the '80s- still feeling like the new kid on the block),  a good smattering of seasonal residents and visitors, and even some friends. The room was full and I sold out of books-well the Society bought the rest of my inventory so those of you who missed this event can still go by the Museum and get a book. Supports a good cause too! Oh, and did I mention the food? Small town, awesome cooks, fill in your own blanks but from salad through main course to dessert, 'twas splendid eatins.
August 7, 2010. 12:45. Rio Grande Zoo, Education Building, Albuquerque, NM. Second show, but I mixed the program up some and talked about Bosque Education, as well as BAER tales and fire exclusion. Larger group, good questions, followed by a helpful critique by my lovely daughter. She pointed out that it was the first time she had heard me speak in public since the days when I would drag her along as a child.
August 5, 2010. 12:45. Rio Grande Zoo, Education Building, Albuquerque, NM. As a long-ago BioVan Educator, it was a blast from the past to return to Colores in the Education Barn and speak with a group of BioPark docents about Leopard Frogs (my next column), BAER tales, and fire in the forests. Fun to meet the mushroom man Mark, and be around the education animals. Even got to sign and sell some books!
July 26th, 2010. 1:30. Colfax Colloquim, Philmont Scout Ranch. As part of a week-long celebration for the Philmont Staff Association, I was honored to be a part of distinguished panel of artists, writers, historians, and scientists who shared knowledge on the land of Philmont and Colfax County, New Mexico. It was so awesome to be around old friends and new...and sharing stories of current day forestry activities, including this inaugral year of the VISITING FORESTER program.
March 25, 2010. 11:00-1:00. It was a huge honor to be one of the speakers at the Albuquerque Service Center (USDA Forest Service) event: "Women - writing our way back into history."  The Albuquerque Service Center is a national treasure that keeps the Forest Service and many programs, such as fire fighting, running smoothly. I was on a panel with a television anchor, another author, and several of the top Forest Service leaders. The women there were enthusiastic and remarkable.
January 30, 2010 10 a.m. Backyard Tree Farm Program, East Mountains, Sandia Ranger District, Tijeras, NM. The opportunity to talk with folks about forestry at this "full house" event was a "full circle" experience. A few decades earlier, responding to the a new program put forth by the American Tree Farm System to reach out to forest landowners with less than ten acres of land, I organized a "Backyard Tree Farm" chapter for the East Mountain Area, and we broadly defined that as extending from Placitas to Mountainair and involving anyone with property in or near the Sandia-Manzano mountain range. Our chapter was a huge success, and it turns out the only success. Today, it is the only Backyard Tree Farm group left in the country. Many landowners and foresters have carried the leadership torch through the years (George Duda, Todd Haines, and now Carol Moritz to name only a few) but the crowded room full of interested folks with thoughtful dialogue are the true testimony to an awesome organization.
October 20, 2009  7:00 p.m. New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, Albuquerque. Probably not my 'last' event, but the last one scheduled for awhile, and my mom, who was at the first event in Wichita, was at the last. Thanks Mom! Yet, the audience was full of many old friends and hopefully new ones too. I had no idea when I picked the bosque readings, that Dr. Cliff Crawford would be there in person. What an honor! Thank you, Cliff. Wonderful words of encouragement from fellow writer and famed book publisher, Cirrelda Snider-Bryan. Thanks Paula and Lawrence for keeping me honest about an unnamed agency. You guys are the best. So fun to work with Tish Morris on yet another project. Tish, I miss those BEG days. However, my greatest gratitude goes to folks there I don't personally know...those of you who came because you love the forest, or like the book. Wow. You are the real heros (air attack pilot, photographer, software designer, and many, many others) of the evening. I hope I see you again out there in the woods.
October 2, 2009   12:00-1:30 Book Signing at Society of American Forester's National Convention, Orlando, Florida. As far as my book signings go, this event was a huge success. I only spent a few awkward moments sitting alone with no one to talk, and in the 90 minutes I signed a dozen books. However, compared to the event at the same convention the day before, when our keynote speaker, Charles Mann signed his book 1491, and the line stretched down the hall, and the wait to meet the author was a good chunk of one's lunch hour, I am well aware that "famous author" isn't quite in my court yet. Still, I am extremely grateful to the SAF staff, for not only hosting the book event, but also running Jim Allen's wonderful review of The Forester's Log in this month's Journal of Forestry.
September 12, 2009 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. at the White Mountain Green Festival in Pioneer Park, Snowflake, Arizona.  The festival is a GO, but I am NOT going. Sorry to disappoint. It's the first event I have knowingly missed! Maybe someday I will make to a book event in the White Mountains!
  1. September 5, 2009    2-4 p.m. booksigning at Under Charlie's Covers, located next to Flying Star in Bernalillo, NM across the street from the new Mexico Wine know the saying, a loaf of bread, a bottle of wine and thou, sweet book to read about the wilderness. Or something like that. Or nothing like that. The fun part of the day was visiting with other local authors and commiserating on how the wine tasting crowd was acting less than literate. But thank you Deedra for buying a book.
August 29, 2009  The 5 year anniversary of Triangle Grocery in Cedar Crest, NM was a fun and exciting event. Music, crafts, and lots of food. The book signing was located between the cake and the ice cream, and guess what I had for lunch. Instead of coming home with more books (the consequence of hanging in bookstores) I came home with roasted green chili, fresh ears of corn, jewelry, and other fun groceries.  Thanks to Rita, Kathe, and the TG gang.
August 21, 2009   2-5 p.m.    Bookman's in Flagstaff, AZ...The highlight of the afternoon was seeing Joaquin Garcia and family. Joaquin worked on the White Mountain Apace Rodeo-Chediski Burn Rehabilitation for years, and also represented Tribal Forestry on the Fort Apache Hotshots. Now he is a forestry student at NAU. Good luck Jay. Although The Forester's Log is the perfect book for Flagstaff folks, somehow I missed getting that word out. My book promotion enthusiasm must be slipping. I sold zero, gave a book to Jay and to the radio station, bought three other books, and wished I'd spent the afternoon climbing Humphrey's Peak.
August 8, 2009      2-5 p.m.  Atticus Books and Teahouse, 413 Mechem, Ruidoso, NM        The teas are exquisite, the cat is named Leonardo, and the store is named for Atticus Finch...besides a chance to pick up the The Forester's Log what better reasons to come to a bookstore in Ruidoso? Well, this afternoon there was also exquisite guitarist Thomas Radcliffe and massage therapist Beth Miller...and what is Beth's daughter Hannah majoring in college? Well, forestry of course.
July 24, 2009        1 p.m.    Seton Library and Philmont Museum, Philmont Scout Ranch, Cimarron, NM
We had a steady stream of traffic, moved many books, and got into a fascinating discussion among several folks in the library on the ghost town of Dawson, New Mexico. The Philmont Staff Association Reunion was also awesome, and I sold out of what books I had with me. You can always get them from the Seton...or if you go to Amazon, get there from this site!  Hunting Lodge, I hope you all got your books! Thanks for the order!
May 16, 2009           1 p.m.     East Mountain Library, State Highway 33, Tijeras, NM
I think this might have been the first event where I did not have at least one friend or family member in the audience...though the crowd was small, they were all there because they had liked what they had heard about the book! I think that might be milestone! The East Mountain Library is a beautiful facility. On the drive back to Placitas, I had an enchanted stop at the Tinkertown Museum and finally met Carla, whose mother is one of the landowners in La Jara that I worked with many, many years ago.
May 9, 2009             2 p.m.    HerbFest at the Rio Grande Nature Center, end of Candelaria, on east side of Rio Grande in ABQ
In the hustle and bustle of HerbFest, and much to do and many activities, we still pulled in a respectable crowd for a slide presentation in the discovery room. The crowd included a skink, that Karen caught after the presentation and released back to the outdoors. The Forester's Log has so many bosque stories, about fire, about cottonwood establishment, and many outreach stories involving the Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program and The Bosque Education Guide. The RGNC gift shop has many signed copies of the book, so if you missed the show, go on over and get a book!
May 9, 2009            11 a.m.    North Valley Library, 7704-B 2nd Street NW, Albuquerque
The North Valley Library in Albuquerqe is a beautiful, and on this morning, a quiet venue. The librarian Anne and I thought we were in for an intimate conversation about the book, but were soon joined by Zuni landowner Matthew and his nephew Peter. Matthew is on the front lines of land management, and I had worked with his father implementing forestry activities in the 1980's. Anne was enthralled with the rich conversation of how we are taking positive steps to improve forest health in New Mexico.
May 7, 2009           6 -7:30 p.m. Otowi Station Bookstore 1350 Central Avenue, Los Alamos, NM
Los Alamos was a blast. A blast from the past. Friends and memories from decades past. Mary Jo from the ITRI days, Pete from early fire department adventures when we actually viewed drop tanks as swimming pools, and a woman who attended a talk I gave on hiking the Continental Divide (that walk was over 25 years ago!). Silver and gold. Many new friends too...Peggy and the wholly wonderful staff at Otowi, a high school senior named Kelly who is going to be a great ecologist, a long-distance runner who inspired me to at least spend the next hour walking around the gorgeous town of Los Alamos, bathed in full moon light. Lots of fire stories in Los Alamos, and retired foresters, or friends and family of foresters. In all, a wonderful evening of conversation. By the way, the bookstore itself has an amazing collection of volumes that just aren't available in most places.
May 3, 2009            2 p.m.     Thomas Branigan Memorial Library, 200 E. Picacho, Las Cruces, NM
Did I mention that it is hot in Las Cruces? Perhaps that's why we did not have a large, or even a moderate turnout at the library. One of the audience thought it might be because Cinco de Mayo celebrations in Mesilla were drawing the potential crowds away. Still, when I have the chance to tell four people that our woods are in crisis but we have the skills and knowledge to change that, and all we need is a society that is willing to support that change, well, I have to believe that we are moving in the right direction. Even though I wonder if we would get there sooner if the room was fuller.
May 2, 2009          10-12 a.m.  COAS bookstore (317 N. Main) in Las Cruces, New Mexico
COAS bookstore is a book-lovers paradise...fortunately I was tethered to a table to peddle books rather than buy them. I met great people, including a group that includes several wildland firefighters that meet weekly to celebrate the joy of life. My friend Terri showed up with several new friends...and I met a cousin who I had not met before. I think we even sold a few books, although the farmers' and artists' market outdoor was strong competition for hard earned bucks. The day splendid, early summer celebrating. Music in the air. Fun to be a part of a very cool Las Cruces scene...
April 29, 2009       4:00 p.m.    Bill Fleming's Watershed Class at UNM
Okay, so Bill was late on Sunday, missed the slide show, and he invited me to repeat the show for his graduate students learning about watersheds. They are an awesome audience with the best questions, the sharpest insights, the kindest compliments. We talk alot about the role of forestry in fostering healthy watersheds. I stay for the second half of class, which is Bill's lecture on the contributions of Aldo Leopold to the City of Albuquerque - city planning, bosque park, master gardening advice, lots of foresight, evidence that foresters ought to be in charge everywhere. 
April 28, 2009        2:30 p.m.     La Cueva High School Book Club
High School library. After school. No, you can't use the computers right now, we have a guest speaker for the book club. What book club? Sure, there is a member here, she herself an aspiring writer...oh, sure we'll hang for awhile. The English teachers gather in the back. One of them is my sister. New projector, oops, it needs to go back to store...despite all this, we view slides, tell stories, read essays, talk about forestry, writing, and trees. Aldo Leopold. Rachel Carson. It is good company being in the hallowed halls of books.
April 26, 2009        2 p.m.       Borders at Sanbusco, in Santa Fe
Talk about quality of the audience! It was a day of mentors showing up to support me in Santa Fe. Erin who initiated my fire information task book. Mike who taught me the ropes of Wilderness Management in the Pecos in 1982. Bill who guided me through the basics of monitoring watersheds. What an honor! Thanks to John and the Borders staff for making me feel special and welcome and this really hopping Santa Fe book mecca.
April 24, 2009        12 noon    Highlands University, Society of America Foresters Student Chapter, Las Vegas, NM
As a New Mexican, it was sad for me that there was no state college that offered a degree in forestry back in the late 70's and early 80's when I received my undergraduate degree, so I am elated there is now a new forestry program at Highlands University in Las Vegas, NM. A small program, we had a small turnout...but hey, it's the quality that counts, right? Good luck to Hacker and the Highlands effort.
April 16, 2009        5 - 8 p.m.  K5 Gallery & Bookstore at Reeds Lodge,  Springerville, AZ 
If every event was like this one, we would all write more books and relish the opportunity to bring together friends and strangers and sit on couches and chairs in a cozy living room environment and chat about forests, books, and writing. Friends traveled distances (thanks Lucy and Sheri); foresters dropped by (you know who are...there are a lot of us in town); and one real treat was Forest Service retiree Chuck Laing who share tales from the ol' days of fire fighting and from being the Air Attack Supervisor over the Rodeo Fire (2002) the day it "blew up." Thanks to all the Eager/Springerville locals, to Reed's Lodge staff (Roxanne rocks!), and to the many local newspapers, including a wonderful front page spread on the book in the White Mountain Independent, who helped the event be so successful.
April 7, 2009            7 pm    Friends of the Sandia Mountains - Sandia Ranger District    Tijeras, NM
It is always such an honor to address this incredible group of volunteers who tirelessly give and give to the mountain. It was fun to read the essay on the field guide we created together (page 208 in the book); and to explain just what I was doing in Arizona when I left behind our half-completed book project. Lots of friends came too (great to see Judith & Emile, Helen, Dean, Susan, and others...sorry there wasn't time to 'catch up on life.') Thanks for all the book sales!
April 7, 2009        11 am- to noon   Alamosa Library, ABQ
Yep, it was bound to happen sometime. Nobody showed up for the show. I did have some great conversations with library staff members Ellanie and James.
However, this morning there was a really nice radio interview with Elaine Baumgartel of KUNM, and she did a nice plug for the event. So go figure.
April 5, 2009          2 p.m.    Placitas Library, Placitas, NM
I'm not sure I have ever been prouder to call Placitas my home town. We crammed about twenty "Placitenos" in the garage of the increasingly tiny (as more and more books are acquired) house that has been serving as our home town library. (There is a new library being built, and the overflowing size of this event clearly testifies to the need for a new location.) It was wonderful to share slides, readings, and stories with an audience that included people I have known for decades. Thanks to the library staff for all the hard work setting up, selling books, taking down, etc. Placitas rocks!
April 4, 2009          3:30 p.m. Juan Tabo Library, Albuquerque
A wonderful library event...Juan Tabo Library has a large space and does nice promotion for events. As a result, there were many folks there...including some fun kids. Speaking of kids, my nephew, his wife, and their three children showed well as my sister Pat who admitted she came partly to see her grandchildren. The talk was fun, many good questions, sold a few books and even did a post-event interview with a media student from UNM.
March 30, 2009      5:30 p.m.   Oklahoma State University Student Chapter, Society of American Foresters
Room 019 Ag Hall hasn't changed much since I attended lectures there 30 years ago...and a few of my old professors showed up for the show as well. So many decades ago, Dr. Robinson challenged us to come back to the university someday to share our experiences with students. Therefore it was so rewarding to have the same Dr. Robinson show up, retired from the department since the early 90's, to hear the reading (p. 178) where I share his wisdom with my readership. The students were great, the pizza--well, wasn't "Hideaway", and the opportunity to read some tales, show some slides, and stroll down memory lane was absolutely wonderful. Thank you, Cowboy Foresters!
March 30, 2009     10 a.m.    Northeastern University Bookstore, Tahlequah, OK
My friend Cliff did not show up (are you sure you're still in school there, Cliff?), but that's just fine because we had a wonderful event anyway. Great to see Merrill and Barbara, to meet many of Diane and Craig's friends, and talk with all those graduating seniors buying robes for their big event! The bookstore staff was busy, but gracious. Cindy Lea of Lakes Country Radio did a wonderful author interview prior to the event. Yep, I listen to 102.1 when I'm in Tahlequah! Much thanks to my hosts, the Stevensons!
March 28, 2009      4 p.m.     Full Circle Bookstore, Oklahoma City, OK  
Full Circle is a delightful store, with room upon room of books, and a coffee shop with ice-cream! How cool is that?  For me though, the really cool aspect of the event was my kid brother, Hank Stuever, walking into the store, all the way from Washington D.C. ... and Aunt Linda, Mom Robertson, Dave from Philmont Ranger days, and a host of other brave Oklahomans who braved the weather (snow at the end of March?) for a great book celebration.
March 27, 2009        4-7 p.m.  Hastings, Lawton, OK
This was a wonderful event. Special thanks to Jerry and Sally Babbitt and the Bryant's for bringing vittles and friends and lots of good cheer and conversation. Kegan stopped by between Missouri and Texas; Wade told tales of the Grand Canyon and other adventures. Carol shared passions for PLT, Project WILD, and Leopold Education Project. We also had a great turnout for the slide show...including cousins Cindy, Greg, and Joe Paul. Friends, family, strangers...a great gathering, with tasty treats. Sold a lot a books, thanks to the Hastings staff for hosting!
March 25, 2009        11:00 a.m.  Taylor Ranch Library, Albuquerque.
The first in a series of seven library lectures, this was great. My mom was there. Forester Bob Partido showed up too! Many other folks, including Ralph, who worked with me in my ITRI days back in the early 1980's. I am going to read different essays at each of these Albuquerque Library events, and I am looking forward to the series, which is in honor of Aldo Leopold, a forester and writer who has been my inspiration since my college days.

March 21, 2009        3 p.m.    Tome on the Range Bookstore, Las Vegas, New Mexico
It was spring break, and a beautiful day in Las Vegas, so probably all the people who love forests and New Mexico chose to be outside instead of at a book signing. Except for Magee and the staff at Tome...still we had a nice and intimate discussion about the book, and it was fun and worthwhile. Meanwhile, for you Las Vegas area residents regretting not coming, please stop by the store and buy a book...I signed several copies.
March 19, 2009        7 pm    Bookworks, Albuquerque, New Mexico
 I am grateful for the small, supportive audience tonight at Bookworks...and apologize for the embarrassing technical problems with the slideshow. It was so fun to mix family and friends, my brother's friend, the mother of a camp friend, friends from Oklahoma, author friends, and new friends in the audience. Tonight's slideshow and readings were in honor of what would have been my Dad's 77th birthday. Thank you all for your support, and for Jackson for being such a great fan! Bookworks rocks...and there are many signed copies of the book at this great little bookstore in Albuquerque on Rio Grande north of Griegos.
March 14, 2009     1-3 pm     Treasure House Books, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Perhaps the huge challenge in going "on tour" signing books, is the totally dangerous environment presented by spending hours in an independent bookstore. With vague apologies to chain stores, I can usually avoid spending my hard-earned bucks when I enter the b-, or b&n-, or h-stores. Yet, send me through the portal of a wonderland like Treasure House Books, located on the plaza in Albuquerque's Old Town, and my credit cards literally jump out of my wallet. Suffice it to say that I might have been Treasure House's best customer this afternoon. For the floor space, I have never seen such a delicious selection of books about the Southwest, nor engaged in such depth of conversation about these books as I did with the owners, John and his dad. All this amid a steady stream of customers including friends Jim Askew* and Bill Kealey (with son Ben) who swung through on their way to ski in Taos. If you ever want a book about the Southwest, even if it was published a few decades ago, this is the place to start looking!
*For the record, Jim-bo is challenging the accuracy of events on Pico de Orizaba in 1985 as they are presented in The Forester's Log, but I'm sticking to my story.
March 10, 2009       7 p.m.    Dolly's Book Store, Park City, Utah
Oh, my gosh. I am a total Dolly's Book Store fan! Books and chocolate, my two favorite addictions, do go together! Park City, Utah is incredible. Incredible radio station, KPCW--thanks Leslie & Randy for the interviews. Incredible book store staff..thanks Jeremy, for not only gracious hosting, but valued book recommendations. Incredible customers--yeah, especially Trent's family who left with many copies of The Forester's Log--you guys are the bomb; in our home only Harry Potter books have been bought in triplicate upon release! I'm honored! Many thanks to Odie & Marta, the two patient German Shepards who entertained the crowd outside while their owner, Park City resident Rose Kaszuba, once again proved her lifelong friendship (yeah, she was lying when she gave that one testimonial that started with "I hardly even know the author"...but she has read the book!)
March 7, 2009       10-4 p.m.  Trey Jones Gearhead Expo  Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Wow. What an awesome event! Spent the day at the Trey Jones Gearhead Expo in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The local paper ran a nice article about the book, saw lots of Philmont folks, talked with many North Carolinians who love New Mexico, even met a consulting forester here. This event is held in memory of Trey Jones, and today I met Trey's very awesome and inspirational mother, Jan Jones. She, with the help of friends, family, equipment vendors, and many others pulled off this second annual event that raises funds for Philmont Scout Ranch Scholarships. It was wonderful to be a small part of this very neat event. Jan says it is on again for the first weekend of March, 2010! Many, many thanks to Lee "Blue" Price who made it possible for me to participate in this event in so many ways.
February 28, 2009  6 p.m.  Adorer's Provential House, Wichita, Kansas
 I had the honor to give a short power-point presentation to approximately 25 Sisters (Adorers) at their Provencial House in Wichita. A mixture of readings and slides, it was fun to share a peek into my world with my mother's world. "I had no idea you did such good work," one of the nuns told me on Sunday morning, "I just thought you were having fun in the woods." Well, Sister, I do have fun in the woods, but we also do good work!
February 27, 2009   6-10 p.m.  Jones Gallery, Wichita, Kansas
At the Jones Gallery in Wichita Kansas, with art exhibit featuring Mark Luterman, a part of the Final Friday Arts events. Our first book event! Mother and I drove over from New Mexico to participate in the Final Friday Wichita Arts Tour...we saw nearly 1,000 people come through the door...and sold a few books too! Thanks to Bob and Pam from Kansas Cooperative Extension for stopping by, and special thanks to James Woods for awesome hosting!
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