The Forester's Log Book

University of New Mexico Press, 2009

The Forester's Log:  Musings from the Woods 

by Mary Stuever
Over the last quarter century, Mary Stuever captured stories from her work as a forester in the American Southwest in her monthly column, “The Forester’s Log”. Gathered here together, these tales spin a web of words that explain why forest fires are larger, why trees are being cut from forests, why kids need to spend times outdoors, why catastrophic burn areas need planted and protected, and why people and land share an incredible bond that should be nurtured and honored.



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"Anyone who’s ever walked among towering ponderosas, worried about dying piñons, watched racing flames on a mountainside, or marveled at new growth sprouting from burned ground will love this book. Southwestern forests have found a compelling voice.”   —Mary Beath, author of Hiking Alone, Trails Ho