other writings

Published books
Field Guide to the Sandia Mountains, 2005
co-editor with Robert Julyan, and co-author with an awesome writing team from the Friends of the Sandia Mountains.
Bosque Education Guide, 2nd edition, 2003; Bosque Education Guide, 1st Edition, 1995
co-editior with Tish Morris, Lisa Ellis, and Rebecca (Tydings) Helianthus, and dozens of wonderful contributors, sponsored by the Friends of the Rio Grande Nature Center, funded by the Bosque Initiative, US Fish & Wildlife Service
Plant Associations of Forests of Arizona and New Mexico, 1997
Plant Associations of Woodlands of Arizona and New Mexico, 1997
co-editor/author with John Hayden, completed under contract for the Southwest Region, USDA Forest Service
Project Wild and Project Aquatic Wild, 1992
co-coordinator of updates of existing national program guides for environmental education
Fieldguide to Philmont Scout Ranch, 1985, 1990
co-author with Dan Shaw
Current projects
  • a novel set on the White Mountain Apache reservation: an unusual gang seeks justice for an alleged historic desecration of Geronimo's bones.
  • an adventure story of hiking the Continental Divide, with my mother and my daughter as co-authors, co-travelers. Not just another trail book.
  • an anthology of writings by foresters ... note to foresters: I am waiting for your submissions The Forester's Log Deck
  • Indicator Plants of Southwestern Forests and Woodlands,  this book has been in progress since 1991...
  • yet another book about Philmont Scout Ranch...because the world can always use another one...