Chronological time line

My most recent book, The Forester's Log: Musings from the Woods, is a collection of writings that spans 25 years. The articles and essays are arranged by topics, and the date is given with each entry. Here though is a chronological time line of my life to help put these articles in context.
The Road Less Traveled, and it has made all the difference...
1959 - born in Albuquerque, New Mexico...(and yes, I get to celebrate 50 years on this planet this year! Never thought I'd get this far!)
1968 - my family moved to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
1977 - graduated from Putnam City High School (go Pirates!) In high school I was an Explorer Post President, ran cross country, climbed rocks
1977-1982 - studied forestry at Oklahoma State University (go Cowboys!) I was in and out of school, but I made it!
1978 - worked the summer as a Philmont Ranger at Philmont Scout Ranch in northern New Mexico
1979 - summer field camp in Maine, then hired for U.S. Forest Service as cooperative education student in Arkansas
1981 - hiked 2,000 miles on the Continental Divide from the New Mexico boot heel to Old Faithful in Yellowstone - 5 months
1982 - graduated with a Bachelor's in Forest Management from Oklahoma State University
1982 & 83 - returned to Philmont as Training Ranger in the summer...Pecos Wilderness Ranger and snowmaker for Red River in between summers
1984 - got married (to Dan Shaw), had a kid (Cairn Michele Shaw)
1985 - Dan and I had our first book published (Philmont Fieldguide); Cairn died of SIDS; hired by New Mexico State Forestry
1986 - 1991 - Was the Bernalillo District Timber Management Officer with New Mexico State Forestry
1987 - Had twins (Katie and Roland)
1991 - left NM State Forestry to work for our consulting firm, Seldom Seen Expeditions hosting habitat typing trainings, environmental education, and natural resource management.
1992 - complete work on update for national Project WILD and Aquatic WILD guides
1995 - 1st Bosque Education Guide published; inception of Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program
1996 - completed updates on Plant Association Guides of Southwestern Forests (volume 1) and Woodlands (volume 2) 
1997 - graduated with my Masters in Science: Biology (Fire Ecology in the bosque)
2001 - got divorced
2003 - new revised Bosque Education Guide comes out (project leader & co-editor)
2003 - 2008 - worked for the White Mountain Apache Tribe as the Burn Area Rehabilitation Coordinator for the Rodeo-Chediski Fire, the last 6 months as Acting Tribal Forest Manager
2005 - Field Guide to the Sandia Mountains published- co-editor  of an awesome group of passionate writers
2008 - took a job with New Mexico State Forestry as the State Timber Management Officer
2009 - published  The Forester's Log: Musings from the Woods (March 2009, UNM Press)