Teachable Forestry Examples at Philmont

Teachable Forestry Locations/Examples in the Backcountry:

-Demonstration Forest

-Meadow thinning/restoration between Hunting Lodge and Cimarroncito

-Cimarroncito meadow restoration

-Timber Stand Improvement sites in the North Country (i.e., old Conservation work sites in North Country; Ponil fire burned through this area)

-Ponil fire restoration area (e.g., site of feller-buncher work)

-Locations of previous timber sales in backcountry (e.g., site south and east of Miner’s Park circa 1997.  It would be informative and helpful if participants knew how long ago the timber sale took place.  The objective of the cut would be useful, as well as the “interesting” details about the prescriptions.  Campers might be interested in before and after trees/acre, average diameter, height, age, cost of treatment, revenues, etc.).

-Year and boundary of Urraca Mesa fire; same for Dan Beard fire (e.g., ~fall of 1997), other wildland fire locations and years.