Hunting Lodge Interpretive Program

Hunting Lodge:

Hunting Lodge is an interpretive camp and the theme is 1941 at the end of the Phillips Family era. The staff assumes the roles of characters that are engaged in preparing for donating the property to the boys scouts. The six staff characters are carried over from year to year and include: a rancher; an artist who is also a bronc rider; an attorney working on the legal side of the donation; a government mountain lion hunter, a wildlife researcher and botanist; and a journalist from Chicago writing about Waite Phillips.

With this existing program, the forester can assume a role of a forester in 1941 for the evening. There is an opportunity to portray the role of hunters in the development of conservation ideas and ethics. Some resources for this role are:

Round River and other Essays by Aldo Leopold.

Forty years a Forester by Elers Koch.

Tracks Across New Mexico by Homer Pickens




Here are some pictures of foresters from this era.   not...but coming soon!


Also some reading that might help develop the character:

Koch, Elers. Forty Years a Forester.

Leopold, Aldo. Round River and other essays.

Leopold, Aldo. Sand County Almanac