WELCOME to this Working Web Page. This is posted for members of the SW Society of American Foresters for internal coordination of projects I am involved in. Please go to http://www2.for.nau.edu/swsaf/ if you are looking for our official Southwestern Society of American Foresters website.
Last update on May 25, 2010
Links to Projects and Programs:
The Philmont Visiting Forester Program is in its inaugral year. An opportunity for foresters to spend a week on the Philmont Staff and share forestry information with campers and staff, Visiting Foresters stay at the Hunting Lodge and work out of the Demonstration Forest near Cathedral Rock. This section of this web site is under construction to provide participants and others easy access to information about the program and forestry in the Southwest. SWSAF is a co-sponsor of this program.
The national convention will be October 27-31 this year in Albuquerque. SWSAF is heavily involved in many aspects of planning and preparation. To volunteer send an email to: 2010safvolunteers@gmail.com
For more details, please email mary.stuever@state.nm.us
Mary Stuever,
Sep 21, 2009, 8:50 AM