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Hi...thanks for visiting my webpage. Whether friend, family, fellow forester, or --ahem--fan...I am glad you are here. I use this website to organize my favorite links and to share information about some of my favorite forestry projects, including my PhD project to help develop alternative forestry education options for remote, place-based students, my writing, Southwestern Society of American Foresters, the visiting forester program at Philmont Scout Ranch, environmental education, plants and plant communities, fire, and more.

Here is the link to the new Southwest Burn Area Facilitated Learning Network forum. The forum provides a virtual space for conversations about post-fire environments.
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Mary Stuever works as a forester in New Mexico and wrote a monthly column, “The Forester’s Log”. I am currently taking a break from the column while I pursue other projects. Please check this page for access to columns not in the book.
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I had a nice long (about an hour) radio interview on the Santa Fe Radio Cafe (KSFR radio) with Mary-Charlotte...
yep, I was amazed at the "really, good questions" Mary-Charlotte asked, but didn't realize I was being redundant...still if you have an hour, here is lots of good information about the forests of the Southwest. The interview is archived for March 30, 2010. 
 Click HERE for my 5 seconds of Internet Fame!  This is a fun piece on resource managers on the TakePart.com website...and lots of ideas on how to help the earth!

Information on the Visiting Forester Program. This page provides background information for foresters interested in the Visiting Forester Program at Philmont Scout Ranch.Scout Ranch.
One of my many passions is Plants and Plant Communities.
Click here  for links, books, programs and resources for plants.
For more information on wildland fires click here.
It takes more than a village to raise a child, it takes a society totally committed to environmental education. For more info, visit here.


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 Mary's Projects
 UPDATE:  The PhD Project!
I am two years into the PhD program in Sustainability Education at Prescott College. My goal is to develop alternative pathways for forestry technicians to earn their BS in Forestry via "limited residency" programs. My PhD is also a "limited residency" program, which will allow me to keep my job, live in my rural community, and work on my PhD at the same time. 
On some days, I am a writer, who's day job is being a "forester", and on other days, I am a forester who writes. Either way, this page will link you to my writing world.



Thanks to all the friends and family that made this project possible.